What is AICTA?


The ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) is a project approved by the ASEAN Telecommunication Ministers. The project is in-line with one of the six Strategic Thrusts, Innovations as stated in the ASEAN ICT Masterplan (AIM) 2015 under the initiative 3.2 ‘Promote Innovation and collaborations amongst government, businesses, citizens and other institution’.  

AICTA wishes to recognize the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs across the ASEAN region. AICTA aims to be the benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity, offering business opportunities and promote trade relations thus uplift the strength of ICT and community awareness in ASEAN both locally and international region. 



 The 1st AICTA was introduced in 2012. Brunei Darussalam as the leading country successfully carried out the awards and introduced the first online judging, whereby nominees upload their video presentation via Youtube.com and set up a private account (inter-link) with the AICTA judges. The AICTA Judges will view the presentation and submit their scores to the AICTA Secretariat.

The 2nd AICTA was successfully completed and was led by Brunei Darussalam in 2013. For the 2nd AICTA, the ASEAN TELSOM has introduced a new category in AICTA namely “Research and Development”. Using the same procedure from the first AICTA for the online judging and final judging.

To determine the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, shortlisted nominees (top three from each category) were told attend the final round judging. Nominees gave their very best presentation in front of the final round AICTA Judges, the TELSOM leaders.  

The competition concluded with the award ceremony which will be attended by ASEAN Member States (AMS) IT Ministers, from various government, agencies and industries.  This gave the award its recognition as a prestigious meaningful event for ASEAN.  

The 3rd AICTA was led by Brunei Darussalam in 2014 and the Award Ceremony was successfully organized in TELMIN 14th in Bangkok, Thai Lan.

Once again 4th AICTA is organized in 2015, Viet Nam will be the first TELMIN’s host country to lead and continue the successful running of the AICTA. 


The objectives of AICTA are; 

  • Develop ASEAN ICT Awards to promote creativity and encourage innovation
  • Provide incentives for R&D efforts to acknowledge, recognize and reward ICT Innovators
  • To recognize organization that have the most appropriate / advancement in the adoption of ICT.
  • The awards point the direction on the trend and growth of  potential ICT product in ASEAN
  • To further recognize the interplay of ICT in the growing economy of ASEAN
  • Provide recognition of their products thus create an interest to promote ASEAN ICT products in the international market. 

Benefits of participation  

  • All nominees will receive certificate of participation
  • Winners will receive trophies (gold, silver and bronze) and certificates of winners
  • Winners will receive US1000 subsidy (2 person for each nominee)
  • Winners will be put in various promotional materials to publicize their achievements
  • Winning the AICTA competition, this will increase the status of the local entrepreneurs product and be a part of their milestone achievement   


AICTA 2018   

  • Leading country  – Indonesia
  • Host Country for Final Judging - Indonesia
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Indonesia

AICTA 2017  

  • Leading country  – Cambodia
  • Host Country for Final Judging - Cambodia
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Cambodia

AICTA 2016

  • Leading country  – Brunei
  • Host Country for Final Judging - Myanmar
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Brunei