The objectives of AICTA are; 

  • Develop ASEAN ICT Awards to promote creativity and encourage innovation
  • Provide incentives for R&D efforts to acknowledge, recognize and reward ICT Innovators
  • To recognize organization that have the most appropriate / advancement in the adoption of ICT.
  • The awards point the direction on the trend and growth of  potential ICT product in ASEAN
  • To further recognize the interplay of ICT in the growing economy of ASEAN
  • Provide recognition of their products thus create an interest to promote ASEAN ICT products in the international market. 

Benefits of participation  

  • All nominees will receive certificate of participation
  • Winners will receive trophies (gold, silver and bronze) and certificates of winners
  • Winners will receive US1000 subsidy (2 person for each nominee)
  • Winners will be put in various promotional materials to publicize their achievements
  • Winning the AICTA competition, this will increase the status of the local entrepreneurs product and be a part of their milestone achievement   


AICTA 2018   

  • Leading country  – Indonesia
  • Host Country for Final Judging – Indonesia
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Indonesia

AICTA 2017  

  • Leading country  – Cambodia
  • Host Country for Final Judging – Cambodia
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Cambodia

AICTA 2016

  • Leading country  – Brunei
  • Host Country for Final Judging – Myanmar
  • Host Country for AICTA Ceremony – Brunei