Entry Guidelines


This section provides the guideline for all ASEAN member states to select companies and their products as entry nominations to AICTA competition.  

A. Company Eligibility

The company who is eligible to nominate their ICT innovation must meet the criteria below:  

  • Registered locally in the respective ASEAN Member State; and
  • Company ownership is either:
    • Fully owned by locals (100%); 
    • A partnership or joint venture between a local company and a foreign company, both registered within ASEAN; or
    • A partnership or joint venture between a local company and a foreign company that is registered outside ASEAN with at least fifty-one percent (51%) shares owned by shareholder/s within the ASEAN Member States.

B. Product Eligibility 

The Product Eligibility for AICTA submission must meet the following criteria:

  • The Intellectual Property Rights for the product must be either:

    • owned by the company who is eligible to nominate according to the Company Eligibility above; or
    • Owned by an offshore parent of the local company where the majority of the shares are in the local company.
  • At least fifty-one (51%) of product development (including research and development (R&D), and design) must be done within the ASEAN member state submitting the application. 

However, products are not eligible if: 
  • The main R&D and design works are executed in a non-ASEAN Member State;
  • The ASEAN Member State is merely providing code-cutting services; of
  • The product, with or without enhancements has won in AICTA in the one (1) year period before the current competition

C. Entry Eligibility

All entry submissions must be made through respective ASEAN Member State AICTA Coordinator (details of Coordinators can be found on www.aseanaict.com or contact the AICTA Secretariat in the absence of the Coordinator) 

Participants may submit more than one (1) entry, however, each ASEAN Member State AICTA Coordinator will have to shortlist three (3) best entries per category to qualify for this competition.

D. Entry Requirements

Each participant is required to submit the following to the respective Member State AICTA Coordinator before the deadline on 10th June 2016:

  • A complete entry form
  • A video presentation
    • Duration 2- 5 minutes
    • Format in .avi
All submissions and presentations must be delivered in English language

E. Disqualification 

Each Participant must ensure that the above criteria have been met upon submission to respective Member State AICTA Coordinator.

Violation of the above-mentioned criteria will result in entry disqualification.

F. Download Entry

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